Water treatment chemicals

Dirty water in clean water out

Containerised treatment plant

Manage your water:

Wetchem has extensive industry knowledge to ensure continuity of the treatment of either process water or effluent water.

We are able to treat a wide variety of wastewater streams in order to meet the legal requirements for release.

What we offer:

  • Coagulants - PolyAluminium Chloride, Aluminium sulfate, Ferric chloride, Proprietary blends
  • Polyacrylamide - Powders and emulsions
  • Disinfection - Hypochlorite (Sodium and Calcium)
  • pH correction - Alkalis & Acids
  • Dosing equipment

Examples of treated water:

Poultry wastewater
Fruit processing
Algae removal
Printed media effluent
Surface water purification
Corrugated cardboard effluent
Industrial wastewater
Dairy effluent
Borehole water treatment

Water treatment chemicals available:

PolyAluminium chloride
Ferric chloride
Hydrochloric acid
Activated carbon
Aluminium sulfate
Sulfuric acid
Drinking water tablets
Aluminium chlorohydrate
Sodium hydroxide
Calcium hypochlorite